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Battle Arena

Meka Ape Universe

Welcome to the future of gaming where technology meets the true owners of the assets that are a part of the game. Meka Ape combines the latest blockchain innovations with the cutting edge of Unreal Engine 5 gaming technology.
Meka Ape is a game where players can earn rewards by playing. Players own their assets and compete in team death matches or battle royale to collect xp and $MAG tokens. Players can form teams to improve and make the most of their experience.
They own their Meka Ape. They play a quality and fresh game while being incentivized. Each season they collect different assets and can improve their meka and make it unique thanks to the MekaStore and the tokens collected after their game.
Meka Ape is also aimed at DeFi enthusiasts since the game offers many advantages and features around decentralized finance.
💎 Meka Ape mission
The Meka Ape project aims to enable a wide audience to discover the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi) in a fun environment with a gaming experience that lives up to expectations. All this by providing ownership of each digital asset for each player.
The project's mission is to make DeFi accessible and fun for everyone by offering an online game that allows players to invest and manage their $MAG Token in a fun way. The game will also offer tutorials and tools to help players understand DeFi concepts and make informed investment decisions.
In addition to providing a unique gaming experience, Meka Ape also aims to educate players about the benefits of DeFi and promote the adoption of the technology by the general public. The project aims to become a leader in the industry by providing an innovative platform that meets the needs of DeFi players and users.
🎮 Players can earn rewards by
  • playing several parties in Meka Ape
  • Advertising on their skin
  • Collecting crystals from each party