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NFT features

Meka Ape NFT genesis are leading our survival.
Features of a Meka
Every Meka is unique and can be defined along several visual called properties. These properties will determine the Rarity Score of your Meka.
Properties :
  • Clothes
  • Earrings
  • Eyeglasses
  • Faction
  • Hat
  • Mouth
  • Weapon
Personalize your Meka
In the game, all Meka Apes are equal on the battlefield. Since the game is primarily intended to provide a great gameplay experience for every user, we have ensured that properties do not give any advantage in gameplay. In addition to that, players will have the ability to customize their Meka with assets they can purchase in our MekaStore to make it more unique and different from others.
By playing the game, players will receive experience points (xp) after each game. The xp will allow them to progress in their level campaign. Each level has a tier with rewards ($MAG tokens, assets, dances, accessories, etc.). So the more players play, the more rewards they can unlock and the better their Meka.