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Shop and Create Your Own Assets in the MekaStore.
Assets :
The MekaStore offers a wide variety of accessories for your gaming needs. From new skins and weapons, to customizable dances, we have it all. Plus, all of our items are NFTs, meaning you'll own them outright and have the ability to resell them in the MekaStore. Shop with us today and take your gaming experience to the next level!
Creation :
In addition to our wide variety of accessories, we're also excited to offer a creator space where members of the community can submit their own designs for assets. If a design is chosen and validated by our technical team, it will be featured in the MekaStore and the creator will earn a portion of the fees from each transaction made. This is a great opportunity for talented designers to showcase their skills and earn some extra income.
Lands :
The MekaStore will also feature a "Land" category, where users can browse and purchase virtual playgrounds. By owning a playground, you'll earn royalties from each game played and advertisement displayed on your property. All of the relevant information, including the percentage of earnings and details about the property, will be clearly displayed in the description. This is a great opportunity to invest in virtual real estate and earn passive income.