Game goals

What do you get after each game? What benefits can you derive from it?

🎯 Game goals : As you can see, winning is not an option! Your level of performance in each game will determine the amount of XP you earn. These skill points will help you progress to the next level of the season. Each season consists of 100 levels and lasts for 55 days, after which all players are reset to the same level and a new season begins.

As you progress through the levels, you will unlock various assets, dances, and $MAG tokens. These can be used to customize your character and make it stand out in the game.

  • The assets and dances will add visual flair to your character, making it more unique and personalized.

  • The $MAG tokens enable you to fully participate in the DeFi experience developed by our experts. These tokens give you access to a range of financial services and opportunities within the DeFi ecosystem.

⚔️ Deathmatch per team :

As you can see, the goal of this game is to win with your team. The first team to reach 75 eliminations wins the game.

🏟 Royal Rumble :

Depending on the mode (Solo or Squad) you must eliminate all other players and be the only survivor to win the game.

🗡 FFA :

The goal on this mode is to eliminate the maximum of other players. The first one to reach 50 kills wins the game.

Deathmatch per team, FFA & Royal Rumble :

In all game modes, you will find a common objective: collecting crystals or crystal fragments. A crystal can be converted into a $MAG token. Fragments can be gathered to form a crystal.

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