Steps to Register and Fully Experience the Meka Ape Game.

In order to fully enjoy the Meka Ape game experience and all the financial mechanisms that our teams have installed here are the steps to follow:

🎰 Phase n°1 : Mint your NFT

To enjoy the Meka Ape gaming experience, each player will need to own their own NFT. We have created a smooth experience so players can enjoy the game and the financial aspects of Meka Ape. Each player will need to get a MekaVault. The MekaVault is a specific account for each player that will contain their NFT (characters, weapons, etc.), as well as their crystals, $MAG tokens and their xp. Think of the MekaVault as a master key that will allow you to take full advantage of all the benefits of Meka Ape.

Players who have Genesis NFTs will also need to create a MekaVault using the same process as new players. The Genesis collection offers various advantages ( Players who want to acquire a Genesis NFT to benefit from these advantages and get a unique in-game skin will need to purchase it on the MekaStore or Opensea.

💎 Phase n°2 : Win XP and collect crystal

After players have minted their NFT, they can access the lobby. From there, they can choose the game mode they want to play and access the MekaStore to buy new assets. They can also chat with clan leaders who can recruit them directly from the MekaTribe. As they play, they will earn XP and collect crystals. These crystals can be swap to $MAG Token that can be used to purchase new assets, such as characters and weapons, from the MekaStore. The more they play and the more XP they earn, the more crystals they will collect, allowing them to expand their arsenal and improve their chances of winning.

🏪 Phase n°3 : Buy or sell assets

In the MekaStore, players will be able to discover new items each week. They can buy assets such as skins, weapons, and dances to use in the game and make their characters unique. At the same time, they can also sell some of their assets if they wish by setting a price. The MekaStore also offers a feature for creators. They can submit elements like arenas, skins, and weapons to the Meka Ape team. If the elements are approved, they will be available for sale on the MekaStore. This allows players to expand their options and customize their gaming experience, as well as potentially earn some in-game currency by selling their own creations.

🏟 Phase n°4 : Tournaments and competition

Meka Ape will host many tournaments and competitions thanks to our partnerships and sponsors. To participate, players will need to register with an NFT Genesis. This means that either they own an NFT Genesis themselves, or they are part of a team that has one. These tournaments and competitions will offer players the opportunity to put their skills to the test and compete against others for prizes and bragging rights. Additionally, the use of NFT Genesises will ensure that all participants are verified and legitimate, ensuring a fair and competitive environment for all.

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