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Access and Manage Your Assets and Token Portfolio with MekaVault.
Meka Ape is addressing the global Gamer community. For this reason, we decided to make the user experience smooth by democratizing the steps of registration and wallet creation allowing him to generate revenue through the blockchain. This is the MekaVault.
The MekaVault is the player's client account and gives him access to a dashboard containing the assets accumulated in the MekaStore in the form of NFT (characters, accessories, battle arenas), the XP collected and crystals from the games won as well as his Token portfolio.
From the MekaVault, players can convert their collected XP and crystals into $MAG Tokens and then swap some or all of them into stablecoin. He will also be able to transfer his Tokens to his team's pool if the team has set up a node.
Their assets can be sold for $MAG Tokens in the MekaStore.